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How to Configure Your Linksys Router with Firewall Hardware?

Linksys is a US based company that is renowned for networking hardware products. Like all other products, Linksys routers are also loved by the users all over the world. Whether it is about connecting several devices to the network at once or performance, Linksys router has proved to be the best. There are certain router devices that have an inbuilt firewall that safeguards the LAN from bugs. It prevents the users from using ports or protocols which may cause harm to the network and the devices connected to it. When you set up your router, next thing that you need to do is to configure the firewall hardware. Doing this, you will be able to protect the sensitive information from being shared on the network from unauthorized users. In this article, you will learn how to configure your Linksys Router with Firewall hardware. If you need any help, you can contact Linksys Router Customer Service.

Simple Steps to Configure a Linksys router with Firewall Hardware

  • Open your internet browser: - First of all, launch your internet browser and enter in the location bar, then click on the search icon. Now, Linksys login panel will open up.
  • Enter username and password: - After that, you need to enter username and password. By default username and password is admin.
  • Filter IP address range: - Next, click on the Security tab and enter a range of IP addresses in the filter IP address range to stop the users from accessing the internet.
  • Prohibit workstation from using internet: - Then, select Edit Mac filter setting and type-in the Mac address of the target system to stop the workstation from using the internet. Then, select Apply and Save Settings.
  • Authorize programs to use the internet: - Now, click on Applications and Gaming tab to reach Port Range Forwarding screen. For authorizing a program to use the internet, enter its name in the Application field.
  • Enter the port number and select a protocol: - Next, you need to enter the port numbers in the Start and End field. After that, select user datagram protocol or transmission control protocol from the pull-down menu.
  • Enter the IP address of your workstation to enable network permissions: -Then, enter the IP address linked to the computer on which you wish to enable network permissions. Then, select Enabled and save settings.
  • Permit or stop a workstation from accessing unsecured network: - Now, select Disabled to stop a workstation from accessing unsecured network or click DMZ and click on enabled from the dropdown menu to authorize a computer system to view blocked websites.

So, these are simple steps to configure your Linksys Router with Firewall hardware. However, Firewall settings can be different depending on the model of the router. So, read out the guidelines on the document. In case of any query, you can call on Linksys Router Support Number.

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